Fashion Models

DIY Platform to generate fashion model images from images of clothing

An affordable AI platform that allows you to generate human fashion models wearing your clothing

We use the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to generate images of fashion models.

This saves clothing manufacturers money, time, and aids in getting new clothing lines to consumers' eyes quickly.


How it works...

You upload an image of a garment on a mannequin (this also known as "with volume"),

and a description of what you want to produce.

The platform automatically fills in the rest of the image with AI,

and you have a chance to tweak the image on the platform until it is to your satisfaction.

"Full-body brunette with white background"

"Male body with abs posing at the beach"

"Blonde woman's body with brown background"


Easy to use platform, just include the image of the clothing and a description

"Attractive male model running with a lion"


The platform will automatically identify clothing and take out the rest of the image.

Then it produces the rest of the image with Artificial Intelligence with whatever you specify on the description.

"Brunette with cute face walking in the city holding a black purse."


Examples of BAD images

Folded clothing

Cut off (AI will generate the rest)

No volume/Flat

Examples of GOOD images

Change the model(s) on an image