About PiTransform

PiTransform LLC is a company based in Richmond, Virginia, United States.

1108 East Main Street
Suite 906 #1005
Richmond, VA 23219
United States

PiTransform LLC is an Artificial Intelligence company run by Computer Science graduates from Columbia University. The company has been in business since 2011, working in the application of Artificial Intelligence and RPA. Our mission is to wield Artificial Intelligence to bring it to the hands of everyday businesses.

Meet our team

Agustin Chanfreau



A seasoned leader in digital transformation & AI, with a track record spanning 100+ companies, including US Govt contracts & startups. Offers expertise in modernizing workflows. Ready to drive AI integration for businesses.

Naomi Kume


Naomi Kume, a University of Tokyo graduate in Computer Science, with expertise in artificial intelligence, including NLP and deep learning. Passionate about driving technological advancements, she leverages her skills to innovate in AI research.

Gina Rojas

Sales and Marketing

Gina, a graduate student with a background in Medicine, manages Sales and Marketing at PiTransform.